What is Loveflex?

Love Flex is a game we created to help you grow, play, and connect even during this unique time of social distancing. We’re giving you a fun way to show love to yourself and others all while entering for a chance to win up to $1000 every week! It’s a win-win-win!

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1 - Take time to look nice (do your hair, nails, shave, or dress cute, etc)

2 - Play a video game/computer game/phone game

3 - Watch a movie

4 - Read a book for fun (audiobooks included)

5 - Do something creative (write, knit, color, do a puzzle, etc)

6 - Meditate/Pray 

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7 - Read a book to learn something (audiobooks included)

8 - Cross something off your to-do list

9 - Clean a room

10 - Research something

11 - Manage your finances

12 - Work on a project


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Connecting with others

13 - Call someone you haven’t talk to in at least 6 months

14 - Play a game with someone at home or online

15 - Ask for something you need

16 - Video chat with someone

17 - Do an activity your kid or significant other chooses

18 - Group video chat with friends or family

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Small business

19 - Order takeout from a small restaurant or food vendor

20 - Share an entrepreneur’s page on social media and brag about them

21 - Tag or if her friends to an entrepreneur to offer something they might be interested 22 - in Buy a product/service from an entrepreneur or small business

23 - Connect a business owner with a person or resource that could help them

24 - Donate to a small non-profit organization

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25 - Eat a raw fruit or veggie

26 - Drink recommended water for the day (half your weight in ounces)

27 - Do an exercise routine

28 - No sweets for a day

29 - Dance

30 - Step outside for fresh air

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31 - Send someone who’s not working $10 or more

32 - Write someone a kind and loving letter

33 - Call someone and ask how you can help them out

34 - Make someone a loving or uplifting playlist

35 - Go to the store for someone

36 - Let someone in front of you in line at the store 


step 1

Buy 1 or more raffle tickets at

$2 per ticket with unlimited entries

The more you buy the greater your chance to win

CLICK LINK: Venmo, Cash App, or Paypal


Step 2

Share the playing board on social media and tag @room116connect in the comments

-The more people that enter the raffle the greater the prize!


step 3

Complete 6 in a row and post 6 pictures giving us some idea of how you completed the tasks and don’t forget to tag @room116connect in the post


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