Our vision

To be a community and space that is a central hub where millennials know they can go to receive love and tangible support.

Our mission

Room 116’s mission is to offer events and services within a loving community that provide practical education, connection-focused adult recreation, and community support to adults in order to help them to become more mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially healthy.

Pressing Issues

Many millennials have been experiencing a disconnect with traditional institutions (i.e. the government, the church, the educational/vocational system, marriage, etc.) and are left wandering on their own to find solutions.

Many are dealing with:

  • Loneliness
  • Lack of awareness of available resources
  • Battling addiction and little to no alcohol-free adult recreation
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues
  • Financial stability/security
  • Lack of supportive Networks/Privilege
  • Social injustices and discrimination
  • Navigating parenting
  • Identity formation/reformation
  • Abuse, divorce, singleness, and other relationship issues
  • Lack of safe spaces to be loved and accepted while wrestling through tough issues

This generation is not comfortable with dysfunction – in their own lives or in our world.  They want things to change for the better, but often don’t have the resources, knowledge, or community support needed to make these changes.  That’s where Room 116 is here to help.

The Room 116 Solution:

We connect people in an impactful way so that they grow and feel supported.

Our goal is to impact and empower millennials to become mentally, physically, spiritually and socially healthy as individuals so that we can create loving and supportive communities that transform the larger world around us.

The goal is to change the world!

And we are starting by empowering the young adult/millennial community.

There are too many people who are hurting. And too many of us who can do something about it. And too many of us who want to do something or are doing something, yet we are not connected well enough to the people who are looking for our help. There are simply too many resources that exist among us for the problems that plague us to stay that way.

We all have problems; and some problems are easy fixes when you’ve been connected with the right people and the right resources. Our goal is to facilitate these connections.

Some problems are deeper. They involve trauma, strongholds, layers of obstacles, or systemic issues within society. Our goal is to bring us together as a community and solve these problems as well.

As we grow, we will provide more and more networking opportunities, events and services to accomplish these community-empowering goals. We are committed to creating an environment that exhibits that is empowering for adults of ALL walks of life by showing love, meeting people’s needs, and providing hope for the future.

Room 116 is intentionally inclusive of individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations, and abilities. We aim to serve anyone who is looking for community and support in their endeavors of self-growth.